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My name is Levi. I am an artist at Studio One Tree. I paint, draw, create and design. ummm....That's my story.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Art! New Look!

I know, I know, updates, updates! Well are newest look to our studio website (http://www.studioonetree.com/) should be the look that will stay for a while. There has been so many new projects going on in the studio, that I needed something for all the social media venues. Also something that will allow me to focus on my artwork and just make addition to the site without having to change everything. All shopping cart buttons for all  art are working as well. Hopefully this will allow me to get the art quicker from the studio to the web to be sold.
We have a bunch of mousepads in the studio shop  and coming soon T-shirts,  hoodies and more. There is a few bugs I need to staighten out but they should be fixed before I even post this to blogger. Thank you for checking it out.


Michelle N said...

Love new website!