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My name is Levi. I am an artist at Studio One Tree. I paint, draw, create and design. ummm....That's my story.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun Mousepads

Mousepads! Mousepads! I have been working on new mousepads with new art for your office or home. They are available now and new ones on the way later this month and early March. I have had great feedback from customers and friends about the quality, fun and uniqueness the mousepads have brought to thier office and home. I have done my best to set the prices to be affordable and the quality of them is the best. (which is the most important thing to me.)  They are a buck or two more then the thin and uncustom ones you can buy at computer stores but, they are like none other and feature some of my personal favorite art from the studio. I have put these pads to the test with spills and usage and they wash and wear great. The pads are thick and the colors are vibrant. So check them out at http://www.studioonetree.com/  in the "SHOP" and find one that is right for you home or office. Also check back to see some of the new ones when they arrive in March. Its always good to have a "few" to change you workspace from time to time....If your like me that is.


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