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My name is Levi. I am an artist at Studio One Tree. I paint, draw, create and design. ummm....That's my story.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

What makes a great website?

What makes a great website? Many of people would probably never agree. I have been building, managing and marketing websites for over 10 years now and it amazes me still today. Simple means no confusion! Surprisingly the small sites are the ones that seem to have the best turn out, Now I'm not saying corpo sites dont get huge hits but I have noticed in feedback that more people return to a site that has fewer pages almost as if they stop in look around see what's new and then off to the next site. Hmmm?  Well either way I think creativity and setting the mood with good colors and simple navigation will always be the winner.  Even with a large website with lots of information it can always be simplified. Just be creative and remember you have a limited amount of time to grab that browsing persons attention before they are bored and off to check there facebook.  
Monday, January 17, 2011

From sketch to print

I have had alot of people ask me what goes into a print. This is a glimpse of how I come up with the art and prints I do. First, I try to sketch out a basic idea and leave myself little notes about colors or effects I need to add here and there in CS3. (This idea was a very rough sketches). Second, I very cleanly draw the pieces of the picture individually. This way I can keep everything in its own layer (once scanned into the computer). After I  work on the background I then just follow the notes that I wrote on the sketch. I allready know in my mind what I want the final piece to look like, so it's just trying to not stray away from the original concept. Lastly, check to make sure there is no bad lines and that the layer arrangements are right. Also if you know there is a chance you may make a print out of it or use the art for other things such as a banner or blog save it with the layers. Countless times I have not done that and have had to recreate it all just to change one thing or to add something. I will be posting more of these scribbles to print features that I have layin around in the studio, so you can see how just a simple scribble can really turn into something great when you see it through to the end. Just have fun and let the picture create itself. 
Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Foamies, not just for kids!

Foamies....that wierd soft foam paper parents buy for the kids to glue together and make the day fun and crafty. Well in doing so, I have found if you know how to draw with a razor blade and can understand negative and postive space, you can do some really cool stuff with foam paper. The picture on the right is a sample and actually the first ones I did. The really amazing ones have been givin away or even sold. The best results with foamies is layers, layers and more layer. One more thing, simple is better. I will try to get some pictures together in the future of more creative things you can make out of FOAMIES!
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Die Turkey Die by Levi Thomas

Die Turkey Die is a illustrated book I am currently working on. Basically it will feature a boy hunting a turkey. I say "a" as in 1 turkey because in the wonderful world of cartoons things can be killed over and over and still appear the very next page (love it). I'm thinking this approx. 30 pg paperback will not be suitable for everyone do to its mild cartoon violence but keep in mind this is what many ancestors may have done to survive. (sure we'll go with that!).
As a kid I grew up with some of the greatest cartoon humor as well as cartoon violence. One of my favorite was "Spy vs Spy". Die Turkey Die is similar but with blood, not the 300 spartans type blood but enough to know that the red stuff on the page is not ketchup. The book will be in the ever more common greys over white with a vivid red splash here and there. If you would like to see more illustrations from this book as it comes together they will be posted on http://www.studiooonetree.com/ periodically. (not all of them though gotta save some anticipation for the finished product.

Welcome friends and artists!

Welcome friends to my blog. My name is Levi Thomas. I am an artist at Studio One Tree.I will be posting artwork and things that I am working on or find interesting in the art world. Hopefully you will find some interest in what I do and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thank you again for connecting with me.