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My name is Levi. I am an artist at Studio One Tree. I paint, draw, create and design. ummm....That's my story.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Die Turkey Die by Levi Thomas

Die Turkey Die is a illustrated book I am currently working on. Basically it will feature a boy hunting a turkey. I say "a" as in 1 turkey because in the wonderful world of cartoons things can be killed over and over and still appear the very next page (love it). I'm thinking this approx. 30 pg paperback will not be suitable for everyone do to its mild cartoon violence but keep in mind this is what many ancestors may have done to survive. (sure we'll go with that!).
As a kid I grew up with some of the greatest cartoon humor as well as cartoon violence. One of my favorite was "Spy vs Spy". Die Turkey Die is similar but with blood, not the 300 spartans type blood but enough to know that the red stuff on the page is not ketchup. The book will be in the ever more common greys over white with a vivid red splash here and there. If you would like to see more illustrations from this book as it comes together they will be posted on http://www.studiooonetree.com/ periodically. (not all of them though gotta save some anticipation for the finished product.